Assembly and electronics

Applying labels

Your objective: ensuring correct labelling

Our solution: vision systems for checking codes and plain text and pneumatic handling and vacuum solution for handling the labels

    Valve terminal MPA-L

Highly modular valve terminal MPA-L

  • Highly modular in single steps
  • Various control modules, such as I/O, PLC or position controller, can be attached as needed
  • Low-cost fieldbus connection via CTEU fieldbus node
  • For centralised installation concept

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    Pneumatic mini slide DGSL

Pneumatic mini slide DGSL

  • Metal stop with elastic cushioning facilitates a repetition accuracy of 0.01 mm.
  • 4-row ball bearing cage guide permits linearity and parallelism in the 1/100 mm range


 Short product information for DGSL

Mini slide DGSL in the catalogue

    Vacuum generator VN

Vacuum generators VN

  • Mounting directly on the consuming device due to low weight and minimal space requirements
  • Short evacuation times and greater productivity thanks to decentralised vacuum generation


 More details on VN in the Front Unit brochure

Vacuum generators VN in the catalogue

    Pressure switch SDE5

Freely programmable pressure switch SDE5

  • Selectable output functions: relative pressure or differential pressure measurement
  • Quick and easy switching-point adjustment at the touch of a button


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    Rodless drive DGC with guide unit FENG

Rodless drive DGC

  • Long service life and high load carrying capacity with excellent precision
  • Low operating costs, as there is practically no leakage

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    100% quality inspection, reliable inspection results: intelligent compact vision system SBOx-Q from Festo

Reliable inspection results: intelligent compact camera SBOx-Q

For quality inspection:

  • Orientation inspection of small parts and dimensions of turned parts
  • Up to 256 inspection programs, each with 256 inspection features
  • Storable
  • Optional: OCR (optical character recognition)


For control:

  • As a CANopen master controller thanks to integrated CODESYS PLC and CAN interface
  • Ethernet interface for shared communication up to the management level


 More about the compact vision systems SBOx-Q

Compact vision systems SBOx-Q in the catalogue