Textile industry


You want:

  • Sturdy and cost-effective components to build reliable and cost-optimised textile machines?
  • All parts as a PrePack in one package to save process costs?
  • Specific and ready-to-install solutions to quickly meet your customers' need for individuality and flexibility?
  • Short response times in service and after-sales areas?

Our solution:

  • Attractively priced and sturdy products for all areas in the textile industry,
    whether spinning, stretch texturing, weaving, circular knitting, bleaching, dyeing or coating
  • Pre-assembled units e.g. consisting of cylinders, fittings, sensors and foot mountings
  • Customised solutions from tubing, PrePacks and PreAssemblies to ready-to-install assemblies and systems
  • Global sales and service organisation for component support worldwide

Our products for the textile industry:

Products in the catalogue


Customised solutions for the textile industry

Do you want to simplify your processes, make them more reliable and save time and money? Festo will help you with individual solutions and services – tailored to the requirements of the textile industry.


PrePack service

PrePacks reduce the process costs in purchasing and logistics. That means a selection of products are pre-assembled in one package and delivered using just one part number.

PreAssembly service

PreAssemblies further reduce the amount of assembly work required. From ready-to-install units, e.g. drive DSNU fully assembled with sensors and fittings, right up to complete assemblies and sub-systems. Engineering tools like the Festo Design Tool FDT help you plan, configure and order your products.

Modifying products specifically for your requirements is no problem: from simple adaptations of our standard components such as individual labelling of tubing, to textile-specific modifications and customer-specific development projects.


Customer-specific solutions