EPLAN macros

Help with planning and product selection

Design and document circuit diagrams quickly and easily

With the macro libraries created by Festo, design in the E-CAD software EPLAN Electric P8 2.1 (or higher) is really quite easy.


EPLAN electric

Macros for EPLAN

The following EPLAN data with all macros are available for download.
Created in EPLAN P8 version 2.1, 2.3 and 2.4


Complete package contains:

  • Article database with over 35,000 products
  • Function macros for 24,000 products
  • 2D graphics macros for 8,900 products


complete package version 2.4

Complete package version 2.3

Complete package version 2.1


Individual package version 2.3

CPX – components and modules 

CPV components



Individual package version 2.1

CPX – components and modules 

CPV components






Alternatively, you can also download these macros via our online product catalogue or the EPLAN Data Portal. 


Click on the following links if you would like to find out more:

How do I download individual EPLAN macros and how do I use them?

How do I download EPLAN macro packages and how do I use them?



EPLAN fluid

Pneumatic circuit diagrams

Eplan and Festo work together in the creation of pneumatic circuit diagrams: the EPLAN Fluid engineering tool is linked to the Festo xDKI catalogue on DVD. This import function can be used to transfer all the data and pneumatic circuit symbols for Festo products relevant to parts lists.


The new platform incorporates all CAx solutions from Eplan Software & Service. EPLAN Electric P8 is also built on this platform. The direct, unrestricted linkage to fluid engineering. The same database and object orientation permit online links between the different document types. Changes made in one place are immediately available for all relevant functions, no matter whether in electrical or fluid engineering.

Project content


Single components and modules for the control of valve terminals from Festo for EPLAN P8.
The available PDF files can get used for circuit creations for other E-CAD systems.


Realised valve terminal types
CPX (Electrical periphery and fieldbus nodes)
MPA (Pneumatic components)


Electrical project planning and engineering

Structural overview

  • With single module supply
  • With order code


Circuit diagrams

  • Equipment connection diagram
  • Terminal diagram
  • Wiring diagram ("PLC overview“)


Control box overview

  • With order codes
  • With scale 1:1


Article data
Contains the material master data for compilation of parts lists:

  • With predefined module configurations with connection logics
  • With function templates
  • In 6 languages (German, US English, Spanish, French, Korean, Chinese)

New CPX macros

See all the benefits in the

CPX macros video


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EPLAN P8 from version 2.1

Available languages:
German, Chinese, English, French, Korean, Spanish