World’s leading company in the field of industrial automation

Festo TW

Festo Co., Ltd., established in 1979, is the subsidiary of the world pioneer „FESTO“ in automation technology. As a subsidiary of Festo SE & Co. KG in Germany, whose goal is being a worldwide industrial and process automation leader, we has the leader meaningfulness in pneumatic field, remarkable enterprisetraining and education course with the creativity and the competitiveness of the solvability of problems.


The basic product range of Festo includes pneumatic drive, electromechanical drive, valve, valve terminal, servo-pneumatic positioning system, motor and controller, gripper, handling system, vacuum technology, sensor, image processing system, compressed air preparation, pneumatic fittings system, electrical connector technology, control technology and software, other pneumatic equipment, and a variety of educational training product.


Moreover, Festo also provides a wide range of automation products and technologies. The number of the developed pneumatic components and electronical control products is more than 25,000. And the number of the customerized, modular products is also more than 20,000. Customers can use these products in various demand modules. We owns numerous automation solutions in the fields of mechatronic, handling, tooth-belt-driving technology, and positioning system.


From Germany with a strong technology and expertise in precision technology and the applications from worldwide Festo branches, Festo runs the business in Taiwan for more than 30 years. Customers of Festo Taiwan are throughourt electronics industry, semi-conductor, display panel & solar, food and packaging, automobile, process automation, biopharmaceutics, water/waste water technology, and automatic handling.


The Head of Festo Taiwan is located in Linkou and the serving offices are in Taichung and Kaoshung. With providing industrial automation solutions and educational training servics, Festo is requisite and indispensable to various industries in Taiwan.

Head office

Festo Co., Ltd.


No.9, Gongba Road
Linkou 2nd Industrial Zone
Linkou Dist., New Taipei City
24450 Taiwan, R.O.C.