Through-hole technology THT

Picking and placing special components

Your objective: precise positioning of larger components

Our solution: handling units with intelligent vision systems for high precision positioning tasks and solutions for a variety of gripping applications

Toothed belt axis EGC-TB

Toothed belt axis EGC-TB as a three-dimensional gantry

  • Comprehensive range of mounting accessories for multi-axis combinations
  • High performance allows smaller axis sizes to be used


Short product information for EGC

Toothed belt axis EGC-TB in the catalogue

Ideal for dynamic positioning tasks: servo motor EMMS-AS from Festo

Ideal for dynamic positioning tasks: servo motor EMMS-AS from Festo

  • Optionally available with digital absolute displacement encoder, single turn (standard) or multi-turn (optional)
  • Additional option of holding brake for the "safe stop" function to EN 954-1/Cat.3.


 Product information Electric automation

Servo motor EMMS-AS in the catalogue

    Parallel gripper DHPS

Parallel gripper DHPS with T-slot guide

  • High gripping forces with compact dimensions (6 ... 35 mm)
  • Maximum repetition accuracy and integration option for sensors


 More details on DHPS in the Front Unit brochure

Parallel gripper DHPS in the catalogue

    100% quality inspection, reliable inspection results: intelligent compact vision system SBOx-Q from Festo

Reliable inspection results: intelligent compact camera SBOx-Q

For quality inspection:

  • Orientation inspection of small parts and dimensions of turned parts
  • Up to 256 inspection programs, each with 256 inspection features
  • Storable
  • Optional: OCR (optical character recognition)


For control:

  • As a CANopen master controller thanks to integrated CODESYS PLC and CAN interface
  • Ethernet interface for shared communication up to the management level


 More about the compact vision systems SBOx-Q

Compact vision systems SBOx-Q in the catalogue

    Pressure transmitter SPTE

Ideal for tight spaces: the compact pressure transmitter SPTE

  • Compact and low weight
  • Three mounting concepts for fast, simple and low-cost adaptation


Pressure transmitter SPTE in the catalogue

    Feed separators HPV

Feed separators HPV

  • Reduced material requirements and programming workload due to feed separator system with complete control unit
  • Precise and simple mounting options and simple sensor integration


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Feed separator HPV in the catalogue