Assembly and electronics

Pre-assembling components

Your objective: reliable pre-assembly for fast process flows

Our solution: automation systems for parallel manufacturing of components on a rotary indexing table with pneumatic pick-and-place modules

    Valve terminal MPA-L

Highly modular valve terminal MPA-L

  • Highly modular in single steps
  • Various control modules, such as I/O, PLC or position controller, can be attached as needed
  • Low-cost fieldbus connection via CTEU fieldbus node
  • For centralised installation concept

Valve terminal MPA-L in the catalogue

Toothed belt axis EGC-TB

Toothed belt axis EGC-TB as a three-dimensional gantry

  • Comprehensive range of mounting accessories for multi-axis combinations
  • High performance allows smaller axis sizes to be used


Short product information for EGC

Toothed belt axis EGC-TB in the catalogue

Ideal for dynamic positioning tasks: servo motor EMMS-AS from Festo

Ideal for dynamic positioning tasks: servo motor EMMS-AS from Festo

  • Optionally available with digital absolute displacement encoder, single turn (standard) or multi-turn (optional)
  • Additional option of holding brake for the "safe stop" function to EN 954-1/Cat.3.


 Product information Electric automation

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    Compact handling module HSP

Handling module type HSP

  • Optimised for short strokes for moving small and tiny workpieces
  • Extremely short cycle times and choice of wait positions aid fast production.


 More on the HSP in the handling system overview

Handling module HSP in the catalogue

    Pneumatic rotary indexing table DHTG

Pneumatic rotary indexing table DHTG

  • Sturdy mechanical system that is easy to configure and commission
  • Integrated functions: overload protection, sensor function, speed and cushioning settings and adjustment of the direction of rotation


 More details on DHTG in the handling system overview

Rotary indexing table DHTG in the catalogue

    Feed separators HPV

Feed separators HPV

  • Reduced material requirements and programming workload due to feed separator system with complete control unit
  • Precise and simple mounting options and simple sensor integration


 Short product information on HPV

Feed separator HPV in the catalogue

    The valve terminal CPX/MPA for diagnostics and monitoring in the water industry

Integrated diagnostics and condition monitoring on the valve terminal CPX/MPA

  • Avoiding up to 35% of downtime with intelligent condition monitoring
  • More productivity due to the integrated solution with reduced installation effort


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