Solenoid valve VUVG

Compact, high-flow and low-cost – the best valve in its class

  • Suitable for small parts assembly and for electronics, as well as for the food and packaging industry
  • Available as an electrically or pneumatically actuated valve
  • Can be expanded to form a valve terminal with an individual connection


  • Fixed restrictor
  • Vertical pressure supply plate and exhaust plate
  • Available in three valve sizes with flow rates up to 1300 l/min
  • Lightweight aluminium: ideal for rapid and dynamic movements
  • E-box with numerous connection options: M8, flying leads, grommet or cable outlet – horizontal and vertical – exchange with a single click
  • Two functions on a single valve position using 2x3/2-way valves
  • Mechanical spring return for vacuum and safety applications

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Valve terminal VTUG

if Award 2010
reddot design award winner 2009