Meat processing

The application: forming/filling/sealing

Your objective: perfectly formed results

Our solution: system solutions for high-performance holding, shaping, precise cutting and reliable sealing. Your task defines the range

    Clean design valve terminal MPA-C

Clean design valve terminal MPA-C

  • Easy to clean and corrosion resistant
  • Degree of protection IP69K with redundant sealing system
  • FDA-certified materials
  • NSF-H1 grease

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    Electric cylinder ESBF in Clean Look

Electric cylinder ESBF in Clean Look with smooth surfaces

Including sensing with user-definable reference point

  • High repetition accuracy: ±0.015 mm
  • Specially designed for splash zones: NSF-H1 grease, IP65 and enhanced corrosion protection
  • Sealing air for cleaning


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    Clean and powerful: Clean Design standard cylinder DSBF from Festo

Clean and powerful: Clean Design standard cylinder DSBF

Corrosion-resistant, standard dimensions to ISO 15552. FDA-approved lubrication and seal in the basic design. Even faster start-up with the optional self-adjusting end-position cushioning PPS and perfect in conjunction with the corresponding sensor SMT-C1.


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    Easy-to-clean guided drive in Clean Design: DGRF from Festo

Precise and easy-to-clean: guided drive DGRF

High precision guiding and load capacity. Clean Design guarantees ease of cleaning. Lubrication approved by the FDA. Long service life, optional seal for dry-running operation. Perfect in conjunction with corresponding sensor SMT-C1. Suitable for labelling applications or as a “pusher” in monitoring processes to eject defective parts.

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    The valve terminal CPX/MPA for diagnostics and monitoring in the water industry

Integrated diagnostics and condition monitoring on the valve terminal CPX/MPA

  • Avoiding up to 35% of downtime with intelligent condition monitoring
  • More productivity due to the integrated solution with reduced installation effort


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    High-speed monitoring: intelligent vision system SBOx-M from Festo

High-speed monitoring: intelligent vision system SBOx-M

Analysing processes and detecting error sources, checking and controlling filling levels: the compact vision system with permanently integrated lens or interchangeable lens is specialised on the detection, recording, analysis and control of fast movements.


Vision systems for function monitoring

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