Training and Consulting

Training and Consulting

Long-term improvement

Festo Didactic offers a variety of training options. You can take part in teacher training and info events or visit us at numerous trade shows. You can also book instructor training sessions, as they represent a cost-effective way to increase the return on your investment.


Festo is a global engineering and manufacturing company that maintains its own global training and consulting teams for customers all around the world. Operating in the same economic sector and environment as our customers, we have a level of understanding and insight into your challenges that allows us to meet your needs by providing targeted training and consulting solutions.


Our Training & Consulting specialists provide this training on-site, at our customers’ facilities, as well as at various Festo facilities throughout the country. Some of our training courses include:

  • Fluid power, pneumatics & hydraulics
  • PLC controls troubleshooting & programming
  • Mechatronics
  • Electronics/electricity
  • Sensor technology
  • Machine Safety
  • Energy savings in pneumatic systems
  • Customized training courses tailored to specific customer needs


Festo Didactic - Training

We practice what we preach


Courses, workshops and corporate strategic planning simulations. Open or in-house courses. The main focus is on active learning based on actual products and training factories.

Individual learning success is measurable and the rapid implementation of the course content in day-to-day work is a decisive quality feature.

Total expertise with the "People-Technology-Organization" model.







The topics:



  • Problem-solving processes
  • Team facilitation
  • Efficient communication
  • Intercultural competence



  • Pneumatics, hydraulics
  • Control technology
  • PLC technology, robotics
  • Sensors, closed loop control technology



  • Process optimization
  • Pull production
  • System efficiency and setup optimization
  • Value flow analysis
  • Target engineering


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