Project and solution highlights

Camera with integrated controller opens up new perspectives

For the first time in automation technology, the part to be inspected does not move towards the camera but the other way round. The camera SBOx-Q is mounted on the front end of an electric cantilever handling unit. Thanks to the integrated CODESYS PLC with CANopen master functionality, it assumes full control of the handling unit. An additional controller would be superfluous.


User report JAM Automation: When pictures learned to run...

Intelligent camera finds the inspection position itself


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Delta robot EXPT in use

Palletising with the delta robot EXPT

The ready-to-install parallel kinematic system EXPT in the multi-function palletiser at Amax Automation AG ensures fast and precise automation. This robot technology and handling system is guaranteed to meet "Swiss Made" quality standards.



User report Amax Automation AG: as precise as a Swiss clock


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Quality inspection of bipolar plates for fuel cells

Quality inspection of bipolar plates for fuel cells

Electric cylinders EPCO ensure quality inspection of new systems for vibration-free, continuous inspections with short cycle times.


User report P + K Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH: electricity from a box


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