Valve terminal VTUG, plug-in

The valve terminal for low-cost, general use

  • Available as multi-pin or fieldbus valve terminal – for quick and easy conversion
  • Diagnostics via fieldbus and LEDs
  • Up to 24 valve positions in a fixed grid
  • Available in 3 sizes up to 1,300 l/min
  • Two functions on a single valve position using 2x 3/2-way valves
  • VTUG with plug-in for safety functions: optional integration of valves VUVG with individual connection
  • Suitable for use in a control cabinet
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Fieldbus VTUG




Installation system CPI

Good Design Award

Technical data – Valve terminal VTUG, plug-in
Valve functions 5/2, 5/3, 2x 3/2
Port sizes

M5 (QS 3/4/6)
M7 (QS 4/6)

Flow rate [l/min] 220, 380, 630
Temperature range [°C] -5 ... +60
Valve width [mm] 10, 14
Protection class IP40, IP60, IP67
Pressure Up to 10 bar

Semi in-line valve
Sub-base valve
Control cabinet version

Function integration Interlock