Biotech/Pharma White Papers and Articles

Festo application engineers and technical support personnel strive to keep manufacturers informed about the changes within the biotech/pharmaceutical industry. In this section you will find whitepapers and articles dedicated to maximizing the value of our products, research and case studies, helpful hints, technical tips and more.

White Paper - IoT To The Rescue for Biotech

IoT To The Rescue For Biotech & Pharma Manufacturing

There are four internet of things technologies you can implement today for the biotech and pharma industry. Learn more in our latest white paper.




Five Ways to Streamline Building Manufacturing Systems for Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industries

Today’s biotech and pharmaceutical production facilities must drive faster times to market and greater profitability for new products by boosting production yields and accelerating commercialization and scaling of capacity. In our latest white paper learn about the five ways to streamline building manufacturing systems.




creating a robust control system in modular/skidded systems

Creating a Robust Control System in Modular/Skidded Systems

A modular skidded system is commonly used in food, pharma and biotech. If you're thinking about utilizing this approach in an upcoming project, this presentation discusses the benefits you can expect to realize, lays out the typical project steps and how partner companies work together, and provides successful execution.





Capturing & leveraging diagnostics information accross the pharmaceutical plant whitepaper

Capturing & leveraging diagnostics information accross the pharmaceutical plant

To help managers understand more deeply the quality and risk management benefits that their connected control devices can bring, Festo presents this whitepaper to shine a light on the full-time value of real-time diagnostic data.



Improve Diagnostics from Decentralized Solenoid Valves and I/O Systems

Improved Diagnostics from Decentralized Solenoid Valves and I/O Systems

In our latest white paper, we discuss how solenoid valves, I/O, and controllers that have rich diagnostics built in can help increase the efficiency of your plant, improve the overall health of your control system and reduce downtime. For maintenance and operations, being able to get information to and from all the devices in the plant in real time makes asset management practical in a whole new dimension.





Control Systems in Bipharma Applications

Control Systems in Biopharma Applications

This eBook features two articles highlighting the issues and implications associated with the installation of a multiple-fieldbus control system. A third article discusses how housing for control and automation devices and networks is evolving and why it is more important now than ever to choose the apppropriate enclosure for the application.




Transformation through Training

Transformation through Training – Training as your Competitive Advantage.
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Learn the importance of automation technical training & how it can provide biopharma manufacturers with clear competitive advantages.  Bill Sicari, Manager of Festo Corp.'s Didactic division, details the value of providing effective training to your staff to help increase efficiency. 



Energy Conservation in Biotech/Pharmaceutical Production

Energy Conservation in Biotech/Pharmaceutical Production – Best Practices in Compressed Air
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

See how to improve compressed air practices in the life science industry with improvements to pneumatic technology and monitoring processes.