Fieldbus module CTEU

Festo Fieldbus module CTEU

Inexpensive: Fieldbus connection for the price of a multi-pin interface

Use in combination with CTEL or CPAC for economical installation of decentralized input modules and valve terminals with short tubing, short-cycle times and low energy consumption

CTEU fieldbus modules, available in a variety of protocols, are compatible with Festo devices with IO-Link interface which can be used as a direct connection to valve terminals or part of a gateway system; the system can easily be serviced with built-in diagnostics.

  • All CTEU nodes have a separate supply connection for outputs which can be used with safety devices.
  • The flexibility of the IO-Link interface allows the CTEU node to easily be connected to several Festo valve terminals such as the VTUG, MPA-L, and CPV.
Product Data 
Protocols 1) EtherNet/IP 2) PROFInet 3) EtherCat 4) CANopen 5) PROFIbus 6) DeviceNet 7) AS-Interface 8) CC-Link 9) CPI-B
Operational Voltage 18...30V 
Nominal Operational Voltage 24V 
Protection Class IP65, IP67