Safety module CAMC-G-S3
For servo motor controller CMMP-AS-M3

Simply plug in and it's ready to go: decentralised safety function

  • Safety for stop functions and speed functions up to PL e Category 4 and SIL 3
  • No external safety switching devices required - saves space and costs
  • Space-saving plug-in card for simple integration into the motor controller
  • Documented, preconfigured sample solutions - quick and easy commissioning
Technical data
Suitable motor controllers Series CMMP-AS-M3
Safe stop functions
  • Safe torque off, STO
  • Safe stop 1, SS1
  • Safe operating stop, SOS
  • Safe stop 2, SS2
Speed monitoring for safety
  • Safely limited speed, SLS
  • Safe speed range, SSR
  • Safe brake control, SBC
  • Safe speed monitor, SSM
  • Additional logic function, ALF