Festo Trade Show Display Videos

Festo at IMTS 2014

Festo at IMTS 2014

Frank Langro, Festo's Director of Marketing and Product Management, takes you through various Festo process automation displays at the International Manufacturing Technology Show 2014.




AquaJelly Robotic Jellyfish

The AquaJelly Robotic Jellyfish From Festo

Lee Teschler of Machine Design magazine talks to Frank Langro of Festo about the AquaJelly, a robotic jellyfish that shows off their technology in a creative way inspired by nature at InterSolar 2012.




Bionic Handling Assistant Video

The BionicHandling Assistant from Festo

Lee Teschler of Machine Design magazine talks to Frank Langro of Festo about a Bionic Handling Assistant that weighs about one pound and aims to keep workers surrounded by automation safe in the event of a collision at InterSolar 2012.


Bionic Handling Assistant 


Pack Expo 2011

Festo at Pack Expo 2011

Pneumatic safety valve protects against unintended movement...this video features the MS6-SV safety valve.


Pack Expo 2011



Airmotion Ride

Festo Airmotion Ride Simulator

The interplay of fluidic muscles and mechatronic systems in the Airmotion_ride makes it possible to generate an extraordinary range of driving and flight simulations. A hexapod structure using parallel kinematics, with six Festo fluidic muscles, creates a realistic driving and flying sensation. In this project, leading pneumatics supplier Festo demonstrates an exciting, cost-effective alternative to complicated hydraulic constructions.


Festo Airmotion Ride Simulator



Festo Air Bearing ATBT

The air bearing ATBT from Festo is a new way of transporting flat-panel displays and photovoltaic substrates. The air bearing works with a porous, air-permeable material with a micro porous structure which guarantees an even air flow.


Air Bearing ATBT


Festo EXPT Electric Tripod

Festo's version of the delta robot, the EXPT Electric Tripod system, is designed for high-speed-handling of small loads in space. Up to three times quicker than Cartesian systems and requiring less space, it uses Festo's actuator technology instead of elbow joints, enabling a higher dynamic response with larger effective loads.


EXPT Electric Tripod System


Festo CMXR Robotic Control

The CMXR is the core of a complete kinematic system solution: The multi-axis control combines the mechanical system, electrical drive technology and control technology to form a complete motion control product with integrated and standardized interfaces to all relevant system components.


Festo CMXR Robotic Control