Bus Node for EtherNet/IP CPX-FB36

Bus Node for EtherNet/Ip CPX-FB36

High performance connection for EtherNet/IP networks

EtherNet/IP connection for solenoid valves, proportional pressure regulation and analog/digital I/O

The CPX-FB36 offers state-of-the-art connection to EtherNet/IP networks.


  • Faster throughput and response with 1ms RPI.
  • Increased uptime with DLR support (Device Level Ring).
  • Integrated EtherNet switch reduces costs.
  • QuickConnect support for fast tool changeover times.
  • Greater flexibility for the programmer thanks to configurable SINT or UINT data types.

 Product Data   
 RPI (Requested Pack Interval)  1ms
 DLR support  Yes
 QuickConnect support  Yes
 Integrated EtherNet switch  3 port (2 external)
 I/O capability  512 In/512 Out
 Diagnostic connection  Via browser, Handheld MMI, or Festo FMT software