Commissioning the EPCO electric cylinder


Commissioning the EPCO electric cylinder is quick and easy. In this video, we demonstrate how to configure the EPCO with an internet browser in only a few minutes. Using a simple clamping exercise as an example, you will learn the following:

  • How to parameterize the drive. This is a one-time operation that specifies the hardware.
  • How to enable the EPCO.
  • How to home the EPCO. This must be done every time the drive is power-cycled.
  • How to execute positioning tasks.
  • How to implement force tasks.
  • How to download and store records to the drive.

These are just some of the operations possible when configuring the EPCO via an internet browser.

For additional information on commission the EPCO and CMMO-ST drive, please refer to the following documentation:

Quick Start Guide

EPCO Documentation

CMMO-ST Documentation