Connecting through Water: Festo Showcases Several Water Industry Professionals to Promote World Water Day

Festo Celebrates World Water Day

Festo Corporation is celebrating World Water Day—celebrated annually on March 22nd as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. Festo will be participating in World Water Day 2016 through a social media campaign—highlighting various jobs within the water industry and their importance.


As part of our participation in World Water Day, Festo spoke with individuals who work in a variety of positions within the water industry. In addition, we are focusing our efforts on working to promote their importance on our website, through our eNewsletters and social channels.


Festo's dedication to the advancement of automation extends beyond technology to the education of current and future automation and robotic designers with simulation tools, teaching programs and on-site services.


Read more about these inspiring individuals and the Q&A each of them had with Festo.

Dan Dye - WesTech Engineering, Inc.

Dan Dye, PhD and PE

Project Manager & Assistant Group Leader
WesTech Engineering, Inc.

At WesTech Engineering, Inc., Dan works with sales people, engineers, designers, and customers to design and refine water treatment processes. Learn more about the work that Dan does.


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Ann Sager

Research Assistant/Student and Technician
University of South Florida and Hazen and Sawyer

Ann is currently finishing up her masters degree; while researching the impact of seasonal temperature change on the biological removal of nitrogen and phosphorus at a wastewater treatment plant in Tampa, FL. Read more about Ann's experience working within the water industry.


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Michael Bourke

VP, Business Development
Wigen Water Technologies

Michael Bourke helps municipalities and industrial companies that need water treatment technologies to improve water quality for their customers or internal production processes. Read more about Michael's experience within the water industry.


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Joe Tardio

Vice President of Sales
Scinor Water America, LLC

As the vice president of sales, Joe Tardio promotes hollow-fiber membrane products throughout North America for water and wasterwater treatment. Learn more about Joe's role within the water industry.


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Nate Ventress

Water Industry Specialist
Festo Corporation

Nate Ventress is a water industry specialist at Festo. Currently, he works with filtration skid manufacturers and provides consultative, technical solutions with automation. Read more about Nate's role working in the water industry at Festo.


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