Dan Dye, PhD and PE, from WesTech Engineering, Inc.


Dan Dye, PhD and PE, is currently a Project Manager and Assistant Group Leader at WesTech Engineering, Inc. Craig Correia, Head of Process Automation for Festo US, recently spoke with Dan to discuss what he does within the water industry. Read below to learn more about Dan's work below. 


What does your job entail?

I currently work with sales, engineers, designers, and customers to design and refine water treatment processes. In addition, I also manage the engineering, fabrication, startup, and commissioning of UF and RO equipment for drinking water as well as industrial water treatment plants.


How do you transform people's lives with your job?

I help to transform people's lives by providing better water for communities, and well-built equipment to make life easier for engineers, owners, and operators.


What's the most rewarding part of your job?

For me, commissioning equipment that improves the drinking water supplies to a community is definitely a rewarding part of my job.


If you could change one thing within the water industry, what would it be?

There are a few things that I would change which include reducing engineering, equipment, and construction costs. This would make it more affordable for small or impoverished communities to upgrade their drinking water treatment plant equipment and distribution systems.


If you had to take away one thing, what have you learned or what has impacted you the most since you started working in the water industry?

We work in an industry that entrusts us with the responsibility of producing safe drinking water at all costs, and that responsibility motivates people to rise to the challenge. It's very rewarding to see the best aspects of people's character come out when faced with this responsibility.


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