Joe Tardio from Scinor Water America LLC


Currently as vice president of sales, Joe Tardio works with his team at Scinor to provide cost-effective, high quality and unique membrane products to the water and wastewater markets. Vinny Calabrese, Head of Process Automation, recently spoke with Joe Tardio. Read below to learn more his experience working within the water industry.


What does your job entail?

As vice president of sales at Scinor, I work with my team in promoting hollow-fiber membrane products throughout North America for water and wastewater treatment.


How do you transform people's lives with your job?

Scinor provides cost-effective, high quality and unique membrane products to the water and wastewater market. Our products, specifically our line of direct retrofit ultrafiltration membranes, enable public water systems to treat drinking water to the highest standards and maximize public health while reducing the cost of treatment to the end user and improving reliability. Our products also enable industrial users to maximize efficiency of their operations and provide valuable services such as power generation while minimizing costs, environmental impact and carbon emissions. In addition, the manufacturing of all our products utilizes a state of the art zero-liquid discharge process that is the gold-standard for protecting human health and environmental sustainability.


What's the most rewarding part of your job?

Being a new brand in the United States, prospective users grasping the unique and compelling value of our products and becoming promoters of our technology to others is always so exciting. A close second is enabling great projects to happen that otherwise would not have without our technology.


If you could change one thing within the water industry, what would it be?

The North American water industry has always traditionally been slow to accept newer technologies and paradigms compared to other places like Europe. Although there is a great sense of innovation here, our market is often inhibited by the sluggish pace of embracing options that have the potential for great benefit. We have the ability to be global leaders in thought as well as applications.


If you had to take away one thing, what have you learned or what has impacted you the most since you started working in the water industry?

The thing that has impacted me the most is the passion of the professionals working within the industry. It truly is a dedicated and talented group of people. The lasting relationships I've enjoyed as a result have been a highlight for sure.


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