Media Valves





Angle Seat Valve VZXF           

  • Pneumatically piloted angle seat valve
  • Durable design for steam, fluids with course media, high viscosity fluids


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Pinch Valve VZQA

  • Pneumatically activated pinch valve
  • Replaceable cartridge
  • Suitable for gas, liquid, abrasive media


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Pilot Diaphragm Solenoid Valve VZWM

  • Solenoid activated diaphragm control valve
  • Suitable for liquid and gaseous media
  • Requires differential pressure


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Piloted Piston Solenoid Valve VZWP

  • Solenoid activated piston control valve
  • Suitable for high pressure to 580psi
  • Requires differential pressure


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Forced Pilot Operated Diaphragm Valve VZWF

  • Solenoid activated force pilot diaphragm valve
  • Suitable for vacuum
  • Works without differential pressure


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Direct Operated Valve VZWD

  • Solenoid activated direct acting piston valve
  • Suitable for high pressure to 1300psi
  • Fast and repeatable actuation


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