Control cabinet solutions for biotech/pharmaceutical production

Control cabinet solutions for biotech/pharmaceutical production

Festo is committed to being the leading supplier of automation to the life science industry. A dedicated global team of professionals from R&D, logistics, technical consultation and service working to solve automation challenges of biotech, pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturers.


Specifically for OEM skid builders and integrators, Festo has solutions to help build skids more economical, efficient and improve their long term performance.

  • Bulkhead mounted valve terminals can reduce cabinet installation costs by up 30%
  • Integrated electrical and pneumatic valve terminal is a powerful and economical for I/O and pilot valves
  • Supporting a variety of fieldbus protocols offering flexibility when DCS/PLC requirements change
  • Embedded diagnostics for valve and I/O available locally or via DCS/PLC
  • Energy efficiency, air quality, and global support to improve the marketability and performance of your equipment


Pharmaceutical manufacturers face additional challenge to consider the long term maintenance reliability and facility wide integration requirements for seamless operation.

A partnership with Festo offers the end user unique benefits:

  • Standardization programs at equipment level to reduce spare parts and accelerate commissioning and validation demands
  • A single automation vendor for all processes from API through packaging
  • Control cabinet design and fabrication services supporting capital projects and logistical procurement needs
  • A global company offering the same products and solutions in over 176 countries

White paper: Proportional valves for closed-loop control of inert gases in process automation

Proportional valves for closed-loop control of inert gases in process automation

In many process automation applications, the pressure and flow of gases are controlled. Explosion protection requirements mean that an inert atmosphere is often created and maintained in reactors and process tanks in a plant. This is usually done with nitrogen and in some cases also with argon.

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White paper: Improved diagnostics from decentralized solenoid valves and I/O systems

Improved Diagnostics from Decentralized Solenoid Valves and I/O Systems

Productivity is more reliable when equipment can be monitored to detect incipient failures and take corrective action before the plant goes down. But many devices, such as analog control valves, pneumatic valve terminals and field sensors, often do not offer diagnostic feedback, or it is not being used. This white paper describes how this problem is being addressed.

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