Festo FAST Mobile App

Festo FAST Mobile App

The Festo Mobile App gives you quick and easy access to our FAST catalog which features a complete line of automation components with “Same Day”, “3 Day” and “5 Day” availability. Navigate through the FAST product selections for technical information, pricing and delivery. The Mobile App is also your on-the-go solution for tracking and managing product orders.


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Festo mobile app Fast catalog

With “Same Day”, “3 Day” and "5 Day" availability of 1000's of Festo automation components, the FAST program enables designers and manufacturers to:
• gain access to a wide selection of inch and metric components
• lower inventory costs through Just in Time delivery
• reduce “time-to-market” for prototype and production equipment 
• invest inventory savings and time savings in growing business­.


The selection of FAST industrial automation components available for “Same Day”, “3 Day” or “5 Day” shipment include:

·         Pneumatic Cylinders and Actuators

·         Pneumatic Valves and Valve Terminals

·         Sensors and Actuators Feedback

·         Electromechanical Actuators, Motors & Servo Drives

·         Air Preparation Units

·         Fittings, Flow Controls, Tubing & Silencers


It’s on time or it’s shipped free! 
Festo will reimburse the shipping charges for qualifying orders which do not meet the shipment times specified by the FAST Program.


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