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Watch our on-demand webinar, "Trends towards Flexible Manufacturing."


Open just about any trade journal today and you will find articles describing manufacturing companies that have improved the bottom line by becoming more flexible. The ability to quickly adapt to customer demands, or respond to market needs with innovative solutions the customer didn't know was possible, makes these companies successful. The trend towards flexible manufacturing is clear. More variants of more products with fewer resources create a strong competitive advantage. This presentation examines new developments in this emerging trend, with the focus on sensor and actuator elements of a modern automation system. Attendees will explore several case histories that illustrate the real world results being achieved via flexible manufacturing.


Key take-aways from this webinar are:

  • Understand the financial, logistical, and organizational justification for flexible manufacturing strategies
  • Discover new developments driving this emerging trend
  • Evaluate real world results achieved via flexible manufacturing practices


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Miss our "Paradigm Shift Towards Smart Manufacturing" webinar? Watch the webinar now on-demand.


Today, manufacturers are challenged by increasing demands of variability — smaller lot sizes, customization, and unplanned supply chain and customer order changes. Manufacturers will have to incorporate technologies that will enable them to quickly adapt to rapid change and elevate product quality while optimizing the use of resources and energy. Smart manufacturing technologies need to be integrated at all three levels — product, production line, and the business enterprise — in order to maximize the flow and re-use of data throughout the enterprise.


This webinar will cover technologies that are available today to build smart production lines with the advantages of both economies of scale and scope which embrace the concepts of Industry 4.0.


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Watch our on-demand webinar, "Simple Electromechanical Solutions for Machine Design."


When considering how to move products and actuate mechanisms, machine designers have a vast array of actuators to choose from. Designers often consider pneumatic actuators first because of their low upfront costs and simplicity of use. However, pneumatic actuators come with limitations that may make them unsuitable for many applications, including limited motion profile flexibility, high operating costs of compressed air, or no availability of compressed air. For all of these reasons, knowledge of easy-to-use, low-cost electromechanical solutions is important for many designers today. Join us for a discussion of these topics.


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