OMS Gantries



Quickly and conveniently create multi-axis solutions.


Optimized Motion Series gantries are simple to assemble, commission and operate. Consider these low-cost solutions when you need to pick, place, lift, rotate, assemble and package small components. Control one, two and three directions of motion.

Dynamic solution

oms gantries dynamic solution
  • ELGR with EPCO-KF makes for a dynamic two-axis gantry
  • ELGR toothed-belt actuators can cover distances over 1m and achieve speeds up to 1.1 m/s


Rotary lift solution

oms gantries rotary lift solution
  • Electric cylinder EPCO-KF
  • Rotary actuator ERMO

Precise solution

oms gantries precise solution
  • Two electric cylinders EPCO-KF
  • EPCO with ball screw offers very repeatable movements

Narrow profile solution

oms gantries narrow profile solution
  • Two electric cylinders EPCO-KF
  • Vertical orientation ensures a narrow profile

Hybrid solution

oms gantries hybrid solution
  • Electric cylinder EPCO-KF
  • Pneumatic slide DGSL