Clean with confidence!

Breweries must be cleaned regularly. The cleaning process can be very tough on components due to failure from getting wet or corroded. The Clean Design portfolio from Festo is specifically engineered to meet the needs of food and beverage factories.


With smooth surfaces, large radii, and the absence of dirt traps, these solutions make your cleaning process faster with better results. Food-safe grease and FDA approved materials ensure your beer won't be introduced to any unsafe contaminants.



                                                Example: MPA-C IP69k valve manifold


Corrosion resistant materials prevent premature failure, and electrical connections designed for the washdown process help prevent unexpected failures - all keeping you brewing beer instead of repairing equipment.

CRDSNU Stainless Steel Cylinder

crdsnu stainless steel cylinder

316 stainless steel rod and 304 body for superior corrosion resistance.


NSF-H1 grease and FDA approved seals.


Self-adjusting cushioning for long service life and consistent operation.


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NPQH/PUN-H Fitting and Tubing Combination

NPQH/PUN-H fitting and tubing combination

FDA approved materials.


Resistant to CIP chemicals and beer.


Wide variety of sizes and tubing colors.


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