Integrated motor drive EMCA

Integrated motor drive EMCA - motor flangeIntegrated motor drive EMCA - electrical connections and LED indicators


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Integrated motor drive EMCA - motor flangeIntegrated motor drive EMCA - electrical connections and LED indicators

Complete solution for positioning electromechanical drives and for format changes

  • With integrated power and control electronics
  • Avoids long motor cables and therefore improves the electromagnetic compatibility
  • Reduces the installation workload and required space in the machine
  • Direct installation in the system thanks to protection to IP54 as standard and IP65 as an option, for housing and connection technology


CANopen, I/O-Interface, Modbus TCP, PROFINET, Ehernet/IP, EtherCat


Absolute position sensing

Standard: single-turn absolute encoder

Optional multi-turn absolute encoder:

  • resolution up to 32 bits or > 4 billion revolutions
  • with integrated buffer for saving the position values
  • Storage for up to 7 days without external auxiliary battery
  • The time can be extended by up to 6 months when using the optional battery box.


Braking resistor - relevant for positioning applications with toothed belt axis or for vertical applications

Standard: integrated brake stopper

Optional: external braking resistor

PositioningDrives software:

  • for designing and making calculations for braking resistors
  • Calculation also for combination with linear mechanical systems from third-party suppliers


Additional features

  • 64 freely programmable position sets
  • Optional integrated holding brake including actuator and external gear unit
  • Safe torque off (STO) safety function
Integrated motor EMCA

EMCA accessories

  • Wide range of gearboxes to provide the best torque-to-speed ratio for your application
  • Axial and parallel motor mounting kits for standard Festo actuators including EGC, ELGA, and ESBF
  • Cables for power, STO, digital I/O, sensors, Ethernet, and more make it easy to integrate the EMCA into your machine

EMCA options

  • Optional integrated brake for vertical applications or to hold position when power is off
  • Optional multi-turn encoder eliminates the need to home the encoder after a power cycle
  • Optional IP65 protection means you can use the EMCA in dirty, dusty, and wet environments

Application examples

Adjusting sorting conveyors

Adjusting sorting conveyors

Format changes for paper and film cutting machines

Format changes for paper or film cutting machines