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Integration simplifies machine safety

Up and Away - Fully automated tempering of car headlights

When the stress in the material is released, the product keeps its shape. A proven method to avoid the distortion of materials is tempering.




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Control Engineering Article

Automaker changes gears without changing grippers

When a major automaker sought a new strategy for automated transmission operations, an original equipment manufacturer put electric grippers at the cutting edge to eliminate costly changeovers.








Shaken not stirred trends in automation

Shaken, Not Stirred - Trends in Automation Magazine

The innovative quartermaster "Q" from the James Bond films would have loved this new special machine in the Aston Martin Engine Plant. Skilfully crafted, it quickly, efficiently, and safety releases the bedplate for Aston Martin V8 engines.



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Eye-catching discs Trends in Automation

Eye Catching Discs - Trends in Automation Magazine

They look their best when they are at rest. It is particularly when the vehicle to which they are fitted is at a standstill that lacquered brake discs attract the eyes of car fans.



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