Proportional-pressure regulator VPPM

VPPM proportional pressure regulator

The right parameters at all times – simply choose from 3 presets at the push of a button

The benefits to you:

  • Inline or flanged version, current controlled, voltage controlled, fieldbus/Ethernet communication via CPX terminal
  • Operator convenience: 3 presents for optimal adaptation to different volumes – with no programming work
  • Cascade regulator: improved dynamic response, maximum precision and optimum small signal characteristics
  • Two-stage control circuit with multi-sensor control: integrated sensors for optimum control results and characteristics
  • Process reliability: constant pressure under changing temperatures thanks to temperature compensation
  • Modular system: the correct valve for every application

Automotive industry: a headrest which thinks for itself

Safety test of active headrest support in cars


Range of applications
Handling and assembly technology with individual drive accelerations, e.g. in the furniture industry or anywhere that goods have to be moved gently

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Application range for the VPPM proportional-pressure regulator

VPPM: Automotive industry

Automotive industry

Proportional valves VPPM to control axial forces in automatic screwdrivers

Pre-processing of components, such as pre-drilling or punching, is no longer necessary thanks to the use of special screws during the drilling and screwing process.

The usual tolerance problems are also eliminated. The axial force for flow drilling is applied via a tandem cylinder ADVU and controlled by a proportional valve VPPM.

The controller individually adapts the force applied by the cylinder, depending on process status and material.


VPPM: Filling and packaging technology

Filling and packaging technology

Proportional valves VPPM for controlling vacuum, pressure and cylinder force

Lids are transported with a suction cup to a lid fitting station. The vacuum pressure must be proportional to the size and material of the lids in order to supply the right amount of ejector air. Proportional valves VPPM are used to control pressure for the venturi nozzles.

The lids are then pressed onto the containers. Proportional valves VPPM control the cylinder force in order to adjust the pressing power to each individual product.

VPPM: Machine and equipment manufacturing

Machine and equipment manufacturing

Proportional valves VPPM for web tension control

Constant web tension is crucial for good results in winding machines. The friction roller must always be precisely decelerated relative to the diameter of the roll which is being wound up. The VPPM regulates the braking force according to the setpoint provided by the machine’s controller.

VPPM: Testing machines

Testing machines

Proportional valves VPPM for controlling pressing pressure

The adhesive forces of glues are tested in laboratory presses. The test objects are compressed at a specified force using heated pressing plates and are examined after they’ve cooled down. Pressing power can be varied individually with the VPPM.

VPPM: Rubber and plastic processing machines

Rubber and plastic processing machines

Proportional valves VPPM for controlling back pressure

Proportional valves VPPM ensure the precisely controlled profile haul-off in extrusion machines. They guarantee continuous, constant processing speeds for thermoplastics processing.

VPPM: Print and paper industry

Print and paper industry

Proportional valves VPPM for setpoint control

A contact winding roller with an expandable profile prevents the rolls of paper in roller cutters from slipping during the winding process. Proportional valves VPPM control the clamping pressure of the contact winding roller according to the material to be wound, web tension or the quality of the paper rolls.

VPPM: Laminating and coating machines

Laminating and coating machines

Proportional valves VPPM for pre-tensioning sheet material

When coating or laminating, various different web tensions are required depending on the material; these can be set with the aid of the proportional valves VPPM.

VPPM: Process engineering

Process engineering

Proportional valves VPPM for diaphragm valve control

To simulate a wide variety of road surface conditions on an automobile proving ground, the required amount of water is indicated by a potentiometer to proportional valves VPPM. These build up a pneumatic pressure which then activates the diaphragm valves.