Tailor-made services along the entire value chain: from engineering to commissioning services, to systems operation Here are a few examples:

Ready-to-install solutions

Control cabinet

Handling systems with suitable control cabinet

Ready-to-install handling systems including made-to-order control cabinet

We design, order, commission, test and deliver exactly as per your requirements.


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Mounting plate

Mounting plates and control cabinets

  • Individually developed and built for your application
  • Pre-mounted support plates with pneumatic and electrical components
  • Ready-to-install with tubing and wiring
  • Defined interfaces simplify installation in your system.



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After-sales services

Commissioning service for axis systems

Commissioning service for axis systems

Our service technicians put your axis system into operation quickly, safely and optimally adjusted.

This lets you take full advantage of the maximum performance of your axis system.


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Energy Saving Services

Energy Saving Services

Our integrated concept optimises your existing compressed air systems:

Provides energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly system operation, and reduces your operating costs by up to 60%.


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