Precise positioning with semi rotary drive - DRRD


DRRD with energy through feed

Newly launched by Festo, the leading automation specialists, is the twin piston semi-rotary drive DRRD for powerful, precise and economical positioning.

The new 180º drive offers a compact design delivering high load capacity at torques from 0.2 to 112 Nm. “Even with its compact size, the DRRD can handle a high maximum mass moment of inertia of up to 42,000 kgcm2” explains Brian Abbott, Festo Pneumatic Product Manager. “Users can therefore have extremely precise positioning with a smaller drive, thus resulting in cost-savings.”

Four options of damping are available for the DRRD range; elastomeric cushioning (P), two sizes of integrated shock absorber (Y9/ Y10) and an external shock absorber (Y12). The P damping requires no adjustment and has a high repetition accuracy similar to that of a shock absorber. Y9 damping is the standard shock absorber variant whilst Y10 is an additional variant introduced to achieve higher mass moments of inertia. Externally mounted shock absorbers cover the same high mass moments of inertia as the Y10 but provide full torque in the end position.

Additional options for the semi-rotary drive include an intermediate position of 90o within the 180o range, as well as external sensing directly on the flange. “For Plug and Work® ease of use, both a pneumatic and an electric energy through feed is available, eliminating the need for additional cabling to the front end system” says Abbott.  Safety options include an endlock which secures the drive in either end position, in the event of a loss of pneumatic pressure. The DRRD can also be fully sealed against dust and liquid, IP65, allowing it to operate in harsh industrial conditions.

“The semi-rotary drive DRRD’s precision and load bearing capacity make it particularly well suited for use in handling and assembly applications, in machine tool construction and for general machine building” concludes Abbott.