Textile industry


You want:

  • Sturdy and cost-effective components to build reliable and cost-optimised textile machines?
  • All parts as a PrePack in one package to save process costs?
  • Specific and ready-to-install solutions to quickly meet your customers' need for individuality and flexibility?
  • Short response times in service and after-sales areas?


Our solution:

  • Attractively priced and sturdy products for all areas in the textile industry,
    whether spinning, stretch texturing, weaving, circular knitting, bleaching, dyeing or coating
  • Pre-assembled units e.g. consisting of cylinders, fittings, sensors and foot mountings
  • Customised solutions from tubing, PrePacks and PreAssemblies to ready-to-install assemblies and systems
  • Global sales and service organisation for component support worldwide


Our product highlights for the textile industry:

Pneumatic drives:

  • Sturdy and attractively priced
  • Comprehensive range of accessories
  • Available as a complete unit, e.g. with fittings, tubing, foot mountings etc.


ISO cylinder DSBC from Festo

Standards-based cylinder DSBC to ISO 15552

Perfectly cushioned - thanks to self-adjusting pneumatic cushioning PPS

More about ISO cylinder DSBC

Round cylinder CRDSNU

Round cylinder DSNU with cushioning PPS

Fast adaptation to the optimum cushioning performance – without an adjusting screw

More information on the round cylinder DSNU

Compact cylinder ADN-PPS

Compact cylinder ADN-PPS to ISO 21287

Need to adjust the cushioning? Fine tune it?

You can leave all that to PPS.

More about compact cylinder ADN-PPS

Fluidic muscle DSMP

Fluidic muscle DSMP

High force combined with a small diameter. Dirt-resistant.

More information on the DSMP

Valves and valve terminals:

Solenoid valve VUVG

Solenoid valve VUVG

Compact, high-flow and low-cost – the best valve in its class

More about the solenoid valve VUVG


Valve terminal VTUG

Reinforcements for the best valve in its class: valve terminal VTUG.

More about VTUG

Solenoid valve VUVS

Solenoid valve VUVS

Durable and incredibly sturdy – the VUVS can handle all your standard tasks at a low cost.

More about the solenoid valve VUVS

Process and media valves

Process and media valves

  • Transporting, preparing, cleaning and disposing of fluids
  • Ideally suited for textile processing and finishing, such as in dye works
  • Sturdy: also suitable for contaminated or aggressive media


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Diverse product portfolio
for automation in textile machines:
- Pneumatic drives
- Valve technology
- Air preparation
- Fittings
- Plug connectors
- Tubing
- Shut-off, pressure and flow control valves
- Process automation
- Electric drives

Products for the textile industry in the catalogue