Bearing Man Group - Official distributor

Bearing Man Group

22nd July 2015

Today it was announced that Bearing Man Group would become an official distributor for Festo, thereby expanding their range of excellent network dealers even further. Bearing Man Group has a very impressive footprint in South Africa and Africa, with over 100 outlets in South Africa and 10 outlets outside our borders.

“What they believe in, where they are going and how they do things are perfectly aligned to us”, says Warren Harvard, National Sales Manager at Festo, “and this is why we approached them and invited them to become an official distributor for Festo. Despite the fact that we are continuously expanding and investing into our resources, we simply can’t keep up with the growth that we are experiencing”, he adds.

Established in 1974 and through continuous expansion, Bearing Man Group have become the largest distributor of engineering components in Africa. Bearing Man Group is strongly invested in service excellence and invests a lot of time into continually training their employees to ensure that every customer’s experience is of the highest level of support and professionalism.

Bearing Man Group also have a ISO 9001: 2008 accreditation which underpins one of their core values of their brand: To deliver quality components, technical expertise and superior service that exceed its customers’ expectations.

Festo, is all about delighting our customers with superior service, technical support and logistics processes to match and in order to keep up with the demand for their products and services, Festo has sought out a distributor whose ideals matches theirs, “and we have found this in the Bearing Man Group”, says Warren Harvard.

Bearing Man Group has already invested in a substantial amount of Festo products, which they intend to distribute through their various outlets. Customers are now able to make purchase of their favourite Festo products at any one of the various Bearing Man Group outlets and enjoy the same quality and warranties that they would, if they were purchasing it directly from Festo.

“It is all about convenience”, states Warren Harvard. “Our customers now have an even greater choice of where they can purchase our products.”

The next couple of months marks a very busy, yet exciting time for both companies and it’s expected that their customers are going to be very delighted with the extended product range of the Bearing Man Group and the convenience of being able to purchase their Festo products through yet another channel.

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