Regulated linear actuator DFPI-NB3

  • Diameters 100...320mm
  • X lengths up to 990 mm; special designs on request
  • Protection class IP65/67 and 69K

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Quarter turn actuator DFPD

  • Single-acting or double-acting
  • End position adjustable at both ends
  • Torque range from 10 to 480 Nm

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Sensor box SRBC

  • End position sensing via micro switches
  • Protection class IP67
  • Visual indicator

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Digital positioner CMSX

  • Analog positioner for pneumatic quarter turn actuator
  • No air consumption when positioned
  • Provides analog output of actual position

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Pilot valves VOFD/VOFC

  • Directly and indirectly actuated pneumatic solenoid valve
  • Threaded NAMUR mount options
  • According to ATEX and NEC500 for Ex applications

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Solenoid valve VSNC

  • Flow rate from 950 l/min
  • Rotatable seal can be changed from 3/2 to 5/2-way function
  • Explosion protection for ATEX Zone 1

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Angle seat valve VZXA

  • Pneumatically piloted angle seat valve
  • Durable design for fluids with course media, steam and high viscosity fluids
  • G and NPT thread types

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Reverse jet pulse valve VZWE

  • High flow rates
  • Fast opening and closing times
  • Sturdy pilot system

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Valve terminal MPA

  • Flexible and modular
  • Multiple valve sizes and integrated I/P
  • Hardwire, multipin, and fieldbus connections via CPX or CTEU

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Modular electrical terminal CPX

  • Analog and digital I/O, RTD and thermocouple inputs, pressure sensor module
  • Terminal can be combined with MPA or VTSA valves plus decentralized control of CPV valve terminals
  • Integrated CoDeSys controller or communication via 11+ protocols including Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, PROFITBUS < Devicenet
  • Built in Festo UT 508A certified facilities across US
  • Integration of third party components and global availability

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    Control Cabinets from Festo

    • Process control cabinet and panel design an dfabrication
    • Built in Festo UT 508A certified facilities across US
    • Integration of third party components and global availability

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    Ball valve solutions

    • Certifications and interfaces meeting North American and global standards
    • Preconfigured and tested standard assemblies available
    • Engineering resources to design custom assemblies for challenging applications
    • Components stocked and assembled in USA for quick delivery

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    Lug Butterfly Valve Actuator Assembly VZSV-L

    • Lug style according to ANSI 5752 table 5 short
    • Assembled and tested with single or double acting actuator
    • ISO/NAMUR/VDI/VDE interface for accessories

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