QS - Push-in connectors

QS Push-in fittings

The QS series provides a flexible mix of easy to select components for a wide variety of standard applications.

Unique properties:



  • Simple “plug and work” design

The stainless steel retaining claw within the fittings and connectors holds the tubing securely without damaging its surface. This allows vibration and pressure surges to be safely absorbed.


  • Excellent sealing properties

A nitrile rubber sealing ring (NBR) guarantees a perfect seal between the tubing and the body of the fitting or connector. Fittings with ISO R threads include a self-sealing PTFE coating which allows the fitting to be re-used up to five times without the need for additional sealing materials.


  • Resistant to corrosion

The brass bodies and threaded plugs are nickel plated and are therefore highly resistant to corrosion.


  • Orientable

Once installed, QS fittings and connectors can be easily aligned to accommodate tubing entry and exit.