Vocational field of supply chain, global purchasing and production

Supply Chain and Production

The challenge of production and logistics
Engineers from the sectors of mechanical engineering, precision engineering, mechatronics and economic sciences are in high demand. Technicians, mechatronic engineers, electro-mechatronic engineers, foremen, business administrators and business economists with a technical orientation are likewise sought-after in the field of supply chain, purchasing and production.

Technical support for plant and equipment, and the assurance and implementation of quality requirements are just as much a part of the field of supply chain and production as are the analysis and implementation of logistics optimisation measures and production programme planning with a view to flexible global market supply.

As project engineers in logistics, you support regional service centres for example, manage global projects or plan logistical business processes.

From production to the customer

From production to the customer
Globalisation and logistical networking are the challenges of our age. Ensuring our customers rapid, secure access to their products calls for convincing logistics solutions.

Our global manufacturing and logistics network involves mechanics, designers, mechatronic engineers, market supply planners, production schedulers, quality engineers and purchasers, who ensure that the entire chain – from customer requirements, through product management, development, purchasing, production and logistics up to customer benefits – operates smoothly.

To attain this goal, the purchasing function – as the interface between the company and its partners in value creation – is constantly acquiring strategic significance and is increasingly becoming a crucial success factor.

The further reduction of time-to-market thus necessitates an integral, global procurement function – from advanced quality planning for purchased parts in the new product development system, through the establishment of long-term partnerships and alliances for ensuring supply security up to mastery of the dynamics of the global supply markets.

In addition to the classic procurement objectives of costs, quality and supply, the creation of a performance-oriented, consolidated and global supplier base is just as important as their streamlined integration into the Festo supply chain.