Sound Machines 2.0 –
artistic human-machine interaction

Sound Machines 2.0
Sound Machines 2.0

Extreme technological precision meets artistic freedom
Sound Machines 2.0 is an intelligent, robot-controlled sound installation comprising five self-playing musical instruments;


it records a performed melody, which it then uses to compose a new piece of music and perform it live.


The instruments, which can “listen” to each other, are networked by means of appropriate control algorithms, mathematical models and communication interfaces.


Pneumatic-electric co-production
The acoustic robots function like genuine stringed instruments, the only difference being that they each have only one string. A pneumatic cylinder moves a hammer which sets the string in vibration – just like a real string player’s bow. An electric drive unit moves parallel to the string on a toothed belt axis; this unit determines the pitch of the sound produced by shortening the string accordingly, like a musician’s left hand.

CPX @ Sound Machines 2.0

Music of the future: a demonstrator
for the factory of the future
In its role as a demonstrator, fitted out with DGE electric drive units from Festo and functional integration with CPX, the Sound Machines 2.0 will help pave the way for system optimisation in modern factory and process automation concepts. Festo pursues the idea of developing decentralised, networked automation solutions for the factory of the future as overall systems with rules of behaviour in accordance with the theory of evolution, which evolve autonomous group behaviour patterns and independently make decisions that need not be directly influenced by a human operator.