CogniGame – control by thought


Realistic action with
components from Festo
CogniGame is a reinterpretation of a well-known video game that was launched on the market in the 1970s. As in table tennis, the players used a joystick in order to move a bar up and down the screen to keep a ball in play. For CogniGame the developers transferred the virtual game action to a real playing field comprising components from Festo. As bats, the engineers used two linear axes with drive units that move along the baseline; these strike the ball back to the player’s opponent.


Intelligent software
for cognitive control

By means of a brain-computer interface (BCI), one player uses only his power of thought to control the bat. On the other side is a second player, who uses his muscle power to operate a lever that moves his own bat.

The specially devised CogniWare software from Festo comprises the link between the brain-computer interface and the game.


New operational concepts for human-machine interaction
This solution simplifies the interfaces between the user and the hardware, thus creating a new operational concept for human-machine interaction that would be suitable for industrial application.