NanoForceGripper – energy-efficient grasping based on the model of the gecko


With the NanoForceGripper, smooth-surfaced fragile objects such as drinking glasses or display modules can be grasped with almost no expenditure of energy. This is made possible by a foil on the underside of the gripper: its sucker-like elements, based on the natural model of the gecko, adhere securely and permanently to the surfaces of the object to be handled, without the need for energy input.


Energy-free gripping and energy-efficient grasping
An extremely small amount of energy is required, only in order to pick up and release an object. This is effected by means of a structure with the Fin Ray Effect®, which is modelled on a fish’s tail fin.


When a force is applied, the flat structure is deformed into a curved surface. The effective foil-coated gripping surface becomes increasingly small, and the gripped component is gently released. 


A push-push mechanism within the gripper automatically displaces the adaptive structure when the gripped part is deposited, without the need for any additional actuators or control components