Bionic Learning Network – Projects in 2012

Bionik Learning Network 2012

Festo placed great emphasis on man-machine interaction at the Hanover Trade Fair 2012. Whether it was about new operating concepts, possible applications or future uses, with its 2012 highlights from the Bionic Learning Network, Festo presented visitors with new perspectives for tomorrow's world of work and production.


Bionic Learning Network

Hand in Hand ...

… for new approaches in human-machine cooperation: the freely movable exoskeleton reinforces the strength and endurance of the human hand.  




Just imagine

With CogniGame, Festo is demonstrating the next generation of operational concepts for human-machine interaction: controlling a system purely by the power of thought.



Sound Machines 2.0

An autonomously composing system

Recording a melody, transforming it into a new piece of music and performing it live: with Roland Olbeter’s sound installation, utmost technological precision meets artistic freedom.


Sound Machines 2.0