BionicTripod with FinGripper

BionicTripod mit FinGripper


BionicTripod with FinGripper – versatile movement and adaptive grasping

The BionicTripod makes use of the bionic Fin Ray® structure, which was transferred to three-dimensional space for the first time in the AirPenguin and AquaPenguin projects for efficient, versatile automation. Three extendible and retractable filigree fibreglass rods reduce the mass to be displaced, while allowing a maximum scope of movement of up to 90 degrees.



The interface between the BionicTripod and the workpiece is effected by an adaptive grasping device, the FinGripper, which holds the workpiece, e.g. a light bulb, just like a hand. Here too, the Fin Ray® effect is utilised; this is derived from the movement of a fish's tail fin. The FinGripper is so flexible that is can securely grip and deposit even fragile or irregularly shaped objects. Furthermore, it is so versatile that it can operate with a wide range of diverse shapes in direct succession.