Digital supplier processes for suppliers with existing business relationship

    To make our business processes even more efficient for our suppliers, Festo has introduced the Festo Supplier Ecosystem (FSE). Based on SAP Ariba, Festo's strategic supplier processes are continuously digitized.


    To be able to use SAP Ariba as a Festo supplier, you need an active invitation to register Festo. The possibility of applying yourself is planned for a later date.

    As soon as you have received an invitation to register with Festo, please follow the described procedure.

    Join us on the way to making our business processes even simpler and more transparent and thus creating the basis for the continuous improvement of our common competitive position.


    Festo Supplier Ecosystem (FSE)


    • All suppliers have to register on SAP Ariba Network
    • Qualification and release processes is fully digitized
    • Qualified supplier status is necessary to be awarded by Festo
    • All interactions for sourcing events and contract creation in one system

    Advantages for suppliers:

    • Free use of the Ariba Network
    • Digital and transparent interaction
    • Suppliers will be visible globally for all Festo buyers



    SIS (Supplier Information System)


    • Suppliers can find relevant drawings, necessary documents and performance data

    Advantages Supplier for suppliers:

    • No costs for suppliers
    • Up to date drawings, documents and performance data as self service