ZAYTRAN grippers

ZAYTRAN magnum gripper CAD drawing

Patented Synchronous Technology

The force and synchronizing double helix are independent systems. The double helix works only to center the part (providing precision to ±0.025 mm (±0.0010") over the life of the gripper).

All of the gripping force is provided by two pistons. The independence of the force and synchronization systems provides precision over the life of the parallel gripper, and also allow for long strokes.

Naams global standard components

All ZAYTRAN LSA products use standard auto/steel features





MAGNUM® parallel grippers


Welding Environments to Class One Clean Room Parallel Grippers

  •  Compact design
  • Available in two materials

    - Aluminum for standard and harsh environments

    - PET for Clean Rooms, up to Class 1

  • Purge port to provide positive or vacuum pressure 



GPAL parallel grippers


Long stroke grippers - Twice the Force, Half the Mass

  •  Suitable for harshest environments
  • Light Weight
  • Integrated Sensor slot
  • Fail-safe available (accessory): pneumatically locks jaws to retain part
  • Purge port to provide positive or vacuum pressure



XRAY® long stroke grippers


Handle big gripper jobs with tremendous torque and force capability

  •  For very large objects
  • Very High Torque and Force capability
  • Stroke Lengths up to 350mm
  • Fail-safe available (POB version): mechanically locks helix and jaws ro retain part