Technical and commercial apprenticeship

Technical and commercial apprenticeship

Technical apprenticeships with Festo have a lot to offer. From the fundamentals of mechanics and electrical engineering, up to practical application – at state-of-the-art assembly and manufacturing facilities in our production sector, on CAD machinery in design, and at test rigs in our development sector.


Skills development tailored to you is our motto. With innovative and hands-on training at Festo you can lay the foundation for a successful career. From the second year of your apprenticeship, you have the opportunity to follow additional courses that will complement your apprenticeship, such as study for the entry diploma required for technical college.


Once you have completed your apprenticeship at Festo, you can climb the next rung of your career ladder by moving on to a qualification for engineering technician or foreman/woman.

Our apprenticeship in technical vocations at the Esslingen-Berkheim location

Our apprenticeships in technical vocations at the Esslingen-Berkheim location


Industrial milling/lathing machinist


Electronic technician for appliances and systems

Industrial mechanic

Technical product designer in machinery and plant construction

Mechatronics engineer


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