Festo Education Fund

Festo Education Fund

The Festo Education Fund (orig. "Festo Bildungsfonds") is a network of innovative, successful companies and committed university professors.


It was established as part of the Corporate Educational Responsibility® (CER) scheme to pave the way to a technical or scientific course of study for aspirants with appropriate qualifications and performance. The common goals of the network are:


  • allowing students to concentrate on successfully completing their courses, thereby shortening the time required for study or research,
  • providing students with important vocational skills during their period of study, thereby
  • generally improving the employability of participants and facilitating their integration into a company.

The Festo Education Fund stands on three pillars: the financing, qualification and networking of students. It is not limited to assistance for a first course of study; rather, it also supports part-time study or full-time courses that interrupt employment.


Especially for engineers and technicians, but also for all technically oriented scientists, courses are also offered that go beyond pure technical content, such as business administration studies or an MBA – this is holistically conceived talent management.


More Informations about the Festo Education Fund (only available in German)

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