Experience reports – our employees tell

Experience reports – our employees tell

First-hand information: get to know the Festo company from the perspective of our employees. Learn more about the careers and activities of people who could soon be your colleagues.

Axel Schümann

Axel Schümann can look back on a long and successful career, and is thus an encouraging example to others. The 43-year-old worked his way up from a general-education school student to a manager. Before coming to Festo, he worked in a number of positions in various fields of pneumatics. But he has remained faithful to the sectors of mechanical and industrial engineering. Axel Schümann now lives and works in Spain.




“You probably wouldn’t say I’m a typical model Festo employee. I first went to a general-education school, but I only stayed there for a year because I didn’t find it sufficiently challenging and then moved on to a vocational school; after that I pursued a traditional course, with an apprenticeship as a mechanist at Mercedes. For the first time I was full of enthusiasm because I felt inspired by the challenges and wanted to be successful, and I quickly realised that it was well worth the effort. And things just gradually took off from there: once I had received my qualification for technical college, I started studying mechanical engineering. With a lot of determination, I then worked my way up – to where I am now, at Festo.”


Reconciling work and family life
“Since 2004, I’ve been able to actively contribute my many years of experience in mechanical engineering to the family enterprise Festo. I’ve now become a sales manager – and that called for a lot of perseverance. But it was well worth the effort, and my family supported me all the way. It hasn’t always been easy, but at Festo I have the opportunity to reconcile work and family life in a way that is of benefit to all.


Today, in my position as Business Development Manager I support sales teams in the European national companies and establish networks in accordance with customer requirements. If you can put your potential to use and benefit from it, your job is fun. I’m currently involved in the sales network, where we’re setting up the national company in Portugal. So as you can see, my job’s not going to get boring.”


Teamwork makes it all possible
“In my day-to-day business it’s not only my commitment that counts, of course. On the contrary, ‘Let others stand in the spotlight, and the light will shine on you’: I’ve come to adopt this philosophy over the course of my career, and I draw from it every day. To be illuminated by this spotlight you need a great deal of discipline, independence, experience – and above all people who make their own contributions and share this light. You’re weak on your own, but as a team you can move mountains. My motto is that you can’t achieve much as an individual, but everything’s possible to the team – this will be my guiding principle in future too.


Of course, I don’t know what the future holds. But there are no end of opportunities at Festo. And I’m sure we’ll achieve a lot as the ‘Festo team’.”

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