Experience reports – our employees tell

Experience reports – our employees tell

First-hand information: get to know the Festo company from the perspective of our employees. Learn more about the careers and activities of people who could soon be your colleagues.

Matthias Schiller

Matthias Schiller began his career at Festo as a trainee in sales directly after graduating, in 2004. The qualified automation engineer has since remained faithful to his line of profession and, following a period as a Junior Sales Engineer, now works in the industrial photovoltaics sector. Contact with his customers constitutes a major portion of his daily work routine. Positive stress and changing environments ensure that his life never gets boring.


“On completion of my subject-specific university entrance examinations, I began my studies at the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences. I studied mechatronics at the external campus in Göppingen. It became clear to me during my course of study that I wanted to learn a technical profession, but I had no idea what specific area I wanted to work in. After my first practical semester I focused on the Automation Technology department, but even when I was writing my thesis I still didn’t know exactly where I was heading. I then came across Festo more or less by chance when I was searching the Internet for a position, although I’d already heard a few things about the company. I found a profile that fit the bill perfectly for me.


The ad was for a position as a trainee in sales; I applied for it even before I’d finished my thesis. Even during my interview, it already became clear to me that I felt at ease here. It all seemed just right, from the very beginning. And the position seemed perfect for me, too. I then signed my contract, and I’ve now been with Festo since 2004.”


Customer contact
“I began my time as a trainee at Festo headquarters in Berkheim. During my first year here, I was able to gain experience at various departments, supervise projects, get to know colleagues at their workplaces and build up my own network – mostly just by accompanying people on their daily routine. I was able to attend various training courses; this helped me get off to a great start with the company.


After a year I then went to Chemnitz as a junior sales engineer. There too, working with customers and colleagues was a lot of fun, but I didn’t lose sight of my home region during this time. Since I often called in on my colleagues I wasn’t forgotten, and in 2006 I came into consideration for a position that had become vacant. So I’ve now been back in the region since 2007. At first I was responsible for around 150 customers within a 15-kilometre radius of Berkheim, from small companies to large enterprises.


I provide consultation for my clients every day on a wide variety of issues. I’m their contact person – whether it’s a matter of technical tasking, new machinery or commercial processes. This calls for intuition and versatility, along with spontaneity when problems crop up unexpectedly. But it’s with this sort of commitment that you can really win the trust of your customers and can establish a good relationship.


As a field employee of Festo you’re held in high esteem, and customers welcome the opportunity to talk with you because you’re working at an operational level and can provide direct assistance. Your job can never get boring, since you never know exactly what you’re going to be doing tomorrow. It’s also important to make decisions on the spur of the moment, react quickly and have ideas of your own. So I’m on the move a lot, but I really enjoy my job. I like juggling with many balls at once, and I work intuitively and impulsively – that’s what is important in my work.”


As an individual you can really get things moving here
“I’ve now been responsible for the industrial segment of photovoltaics since late 2011. My customer base has decreased, but I’m now assigned to selected major clients. Here the support is very intense, since the thinking, decision-making and working are all on a much larger scale.


I used to accompany colleagues on these assignments, but now I take a trainee along myself so that he can get to know my work and at the same time engage on the first projects of his own. This is very important, especially in cooperation with the colleagues who work on my projects and assignments. But for me, it was the right decision to come to Festo rather than looking for an alternative. There’s a very good atmosphere at the company and among the colleagues, and a great deal can be achieved in an unbureaucratic way. You’re not just a small cog in a big system here – you can really get a lot moving as an individual.”

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