Experience reports – our employees tell

Experience reports – our employees tell

First-hand information: get to know the Festo company from the perspective of our employees. Learn more about the careers and activities of people who could soon be your colleagues.

Susanne Krichel

Dr. Susanne Krichel first trained as a business IT assistant at a dual-system college before deciding to study technical cybernetics at the University of Stuttgart. She has in the meantime completed a doctorate and has been working since April 2012 as a research engineer at Festo in the department of Innovation and Technology Management. Here she enjoys working together with all areas of Festo activities and the variety of her tasks and opportunities.


The capacity for innovation also inspires its own staff

"Above all, I appreciate the exciting tasks which Festo has assigned to me. The relevant fields vary widely and I have a great deal of personal freedom in my daily work. Within defined parameters, I always have the opportunity to seek out and work on topics of my own. The company is just the right size, ensuring that individual members of staff do not get swallowed up and lost in the crowd. I have contact with all kinds of different departments and Festo offers a wealth of opportunities for further training. Moreover, I notice the company's great capacity for innovation, which is also a inspiration to its staff. At the same time, I notice that I am working for a family-owned company, relations with colleagues are very open and collegial.


Together with my colleagues I work to make internal research projects and products more efficient or to facilitate this. We also provide support for external concepts and carry out calculations for our customers and organize workshops. Our team therefore includes a very wide range of skills. We work on a multi-departmental basis and I come into contact with departments such as Sales, Marketing and R&D. That makes my work varied and I am always getting to know new colleagues and topic areas, which constantly presents me with new challenges.


From the corporate level down to individual components

One example of my work is the "EMC ² Factory" project, for which I provide support together with other experts. Our goal is to determined exactly how much energy plants actually need for certain functions and where exactly production sequences, plants or components need to be optimized because energy is being wasted at these points. In order to do this, we look closely at the efficiency of the components in the machines, how these machines are configured and how they fit into the overall view of a green factory.


By studying all the levels of a factory, from the corporate level down to the individual technical component, it is possible for example to develop energy recovery concepts such as heat reclamation or the feedback of electrical energy for an entire factory. In addition to studying production technology, we discuss the concept of a green factory with production planners with regard to control systems and with product designers and the entire management team.


Co-operation is characterized by a mixture of young and experienced colleagues

Naturally it is necessary at the beginning for a woman to prove herself in a typical male occupation, but my colleagues are open-minded and honest and working with them is fun. I find working in mixed teams exciting. It is above all the mixture of young and older colleagues which makes the co-operation interesting. While some members of the team are at the start of their careers, with fresh energy, motivation and new ideas, others with many years of professional life bring a wealth of experience and a calmness to the everyday working environment. Everyone thus contributes his or her different views and ways of thinking, no matter whether they are a woman or a man, young or old, and complements the others. This helps us to study projects from different sides and work together to find the optimum solution.

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