Experience reports – our employees tell

Experience reports – our employees tell

First-hand information: get to know the Festo company from the perspective of our employees. Learn more about the careers and activities of people who could soon be your colleagues.

Fabio Coccia

Fabio Coccia is an industrial engineer. He was already given the opportunity to undergo a placement with Festo Spain during his period of study at the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences. Having joined the family enterprise as a trainee, he is now working in project procurement – directly at the interface between engineering, customers and suppliers.


“It was while I was abroad that I really got to know Festo. During my studies in industrial engineering, I started looking for a placement in Spain. I was familiar with the company name, but I’d had no previous contact with Festo. Once I sent off my unsolicited application, I received an offer after just two weeks – and I was off to Barcelona for six months, where I got to know the Spanish language along with the company. I worked in Technical Support, so I was at the interface between Festo, its customers and its suppliers right from the outset.”


Starting off as a trainee
“During my period of study, I applied here in Esslingen for a trainee position in the field of materials management, which is subdivided into purchasing, supplier development and procurement marketing. I was taken on, and I commenced my training in 2007. As a trainee, I gained twelve months’ experience* at various departments of Festo, where I gained useful insights into the various areas. I managed to make some valuable contacts during this time, and a network came into being that has proved very important and helpful in my daily work. Together with my trainee mentor, who was also my boss, we jointly determined the various stations and gave some thought as to which of these it would be suitable to pursue on a long-term basis. I initially found myself in series purchasing. At the same time, I was assistant to the department manager for one year.


Since 2010 I’ve been working in the drive systems team in project procurement, where I supervise the new product development system for drive projects. Here too, there are many interfaces in my daily work that call for teamwork and coordination skills. Along with the primary objective of securing supplies, you have to be able to come to terms with the pressure of time and costs and work together with colleagues on an interdisciplinary basis. At regular team discussions, decisions are made as to what is required for the various projects and project phases. This activity calls for a very high level of self-management skills.”


Corporate philosophy directly experienced by employees
“Festo puts its employees at the focus. It was above all this family enterprise philosophy that helped me decide to work here. The philosophy is lived out, and I experience it directly. Even though the company is only medium-sized in comparison with other firms, a global and innovative approach is adopted here.


I can warmly recommend starting a career through the trainee program. The course is not completely predefined, so the various stages can take on quite an individual character. The supervision from the various departments is well organised, and there’s always a mentor and contact partner to provide assistance in devising and organising one’s individual course and in planning the various modules; they’re always open to questions.


During my time as a trainee, I also had the opportunity to work for two weeks in assembling actuators, valves and valve terminals at our locations in Esslingen and Rohrbach. This gave me insights into the world of Festo’s products and enabled me to meet employees from production and assembly. I found this experience highly valuable, because it gave me an understanding of the everyday problems of the colleagues from other departments.”


Career opportunities and advanced training offers
“Besides my work in project purchasing, Festo offers me great opportunities for undergoing advanced training and gaining further qualifications. The Festo Academy offers a large number of training courses and seminars in this field. There are also opportunities for internal change and for advancing one’s career and personal development. Standstill is an unknown word here – everything is in motion. And by the way, leisure activities such as soccer or cycling are also provided here, as well as a shuttle service. This brings me to my train every day, thus making it easier for me to switch to public transport.”


*Trainee programmes at Festo now last between twelve and 24 months.

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