Experience reports – our employees tell

Experience reports – our employees tell

First-hand information: get to know the Festo company from the perspective of our employees. Learn more about the careers and activities of people who could soon be your colleagues.

Daniel Ritter

Daniel Ritter studied at the University of Paderborn, majoring in mechanical engineering, before taking up a place as a trainee with the family company Festo in 2011 and working as an assistant to the factory manager in Berkheim. In the course of Festo's trainee program, he has also been able to gain much valuable foreign experience - he spent two months with Festo Singapore.


Festo - a name well-known to technologists

"You naturally hear the name Festo when you study engineering. Despite this, it was only when I began to look for a place as a trainee that I became fully aware of the company. I was immediately won over by the interview and my first impressions - I could see that the emphasis at Festo is on human beings. The company principle of 'Ask much of people, provide maximum support' was the critical factor in making me choose to work for Festo. After just a few months, I could see that not only had the company kept its promises, it had significantly exceeded my expectations.


Trainee program: the perfect introduction to the company

The basis of my trainee program has been a flexible development plan individually agreed with my line manager, with production as its target area. In my case, this program is made up of the following parts:


Progression through various areas – strategic and operational tasks, projects, training courses  and an international deployment. In this way, I have been able at an early stage to build up a large and helpful network of contacts.  I have been assigned responsible tasks and asked to coordinate multi-disciplinary projects, which have step by step fostered my own professional and personal development.


As an assistant to the factory manager, I have received many valuable insights into the general interrelationships between the company's activities. The variety of tasks with which I have been entrusted have meant many challenges and helped me to progress quickly along the learning curve. Among my activities are the co-ordination of interdisciplinary project teams, monitoring and helping to shape factory strategy, and participation in production line work and workshops. I make the preparations for management meetings and chair these. I helped organise a party for just under 1000 production staff. I would especially emphasise that my work is a combination of strategic and operational tasks.


Apart from the activities mentioned, a particular highlight was my two-month deployment to Festo Singapore, during which I completed my own project. I was able in this time to develop both personally and culturally. A further challenge and at the same time an opportunity was my participation in the contact fair "Bonding" in Aachen, at which I also gave a presentation.


Summary and future prospects

My decision to work for Festo was definitely a stroke of luck. An important basis for successful co-operation is the interpersonal factor. This has been positive at Festo right from the beginning.  I have been motivated by the trust which Festo has placed in me and the appreciation which has been expressed of what I did. The combination of strategic and operational tasks which have been assigned to me have helped me to gain a broad overview of the company. In life, one should always regard everything as an opportunity and a challenge and always take the initiative."

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